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where_to_buy_Wildfire Electronic Cigarette?Introduction

‘No-Smoking allowed’, does this phrase bother you the most? Every time you go to a public place and this gets you somewhat irritated. The smell on your clothes and on your breath is what others are pissed off. The nicotine craving of you is so much that you cannot quit it too. Well, here is a good news for you. Here comes the Wildlife Electronic Cigarette that is not just healthier, but economical too. Also, you can have it anytime, anywhere.


Wildfire Electronic Cigarette is a battery powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine to smokers. Nicotine is in the form of vaporized liquid nicotine solution. For an outsider, he will see the puff of smoke when the user exhales, just like the normal one. The vapor also provides flavor and physical sensation very similar to that of the real one, when in actual no tobacco smoke or combustion is actually involved.

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What comes in the Kit?

The starter kit of Wildfire Electronic Cigarette consists of:

  • A stainless atomizer with lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • USB charger
  • Wall charger
  • 5 full flavored nicotine cartridges
  • Designer display Box
  • 20 page instruction manual

It comes with a lifetime warranty. The cartridges come in 0, 11, 16 and 24 mg of nicotine. After your body gets used to the higher one and it fulfills your cravings for nicotine, you can step down and begin with the lower ones.

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Why Buy it?

  • You can smoke anywhere like airplanes, airports, restaurants and cafes and many other places
  • You can smoke it around friends and family member
  • It has no bad odors on your clothes
  • No bad odors on your breath
  • You will get the nicotine which you crave for
  • It looks, feels and taste like a real cigarette
  • It is smoker’s best choice. Remember, this is an alternative for a smoker. For those who are non-smokers, it is recommended for them to remain so
  • It is economical and can save a lot of money
  • It comes with a one-year challenge and can save up to $1000 per year
  • The flavor cartridges are long-lasting
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • It comes with a monthly home delivery program saving you more time and money

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Wildfire Electronic Cigarette employs the latest smart technology. It provides you consistent and long-lasting operation. After inhaling through the device, air flow is detected by the smart chip controller. It then activates a heating element that vaporizes the nicotine solution stored in the mouthpiece. This gives you the same feeling of smoking the tobacco cigarette, but minus the harm involved.


There have been many positive reviews about Wildfire Electronic Cigarette. Many smokers now do not have to worry about where they can smoke next. They can smoke right at their respective desk too. The monthly home delivery program is also liked by many as it saves a lot of time and money too. Plus you do not have to be in tension, where you will get it next. Many smokers have shifted to this because of no stinky smells.



My Experience

I am a traveler and I travel for the most part of the year. So, it was very hard to find a suitable place to smoke. I had to keep searching for a place to smoke. Also with no places to find, I started to smoke whenever I got a place to do so. Once while traveling, I saw an advertisement about Wildfire Electronic Cigarette. I found it interesting and ordered it then and there. It has solved so many problems like I do not have to search anymore to find a place to smoke. I can smoke anywhere whether I am in train, plane or cruise. Also the expenditure I used to do on all this has considerably reduced. The saved amount now helps me to travel more. Also being 100% safe and a better alternative, I am doing a good for my health.


Warnings and Disclaimers

  • We in any case do not promote any type of smoking. It is only for those who are smokers. For non smokers, it is in their own interest to remain so
  • For pregnant, nursing women and people taking any medications or having any serious complications, they are advised to consult their doctor before going for this
  • Do not use if under 18


Where to Buy?

Wildfire Electronic Cigarette can be purchased from the online store or from the link provided here. Claim your starter kit now and begin enjoying the benefits.

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